Ruben Heleno
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Category: Researcher FCT; Marie Curie Fellow
Department: Centre for Functional Ecology
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My main research interest is in using complex species-interactions networks to frame important conservation problems at the community level. Such trophic or mutualist networks offer an holistic view-point to evaluate the causes and consequences of disturbances, such as the impact of biological invasions or biodiversity-loss, on important ecosystem functions, particularly seed-dispersal and pollination. A second passion is uncovering the rules guiding island colonization and community assembling.

The list of projects and publications below its not updated due to informatic problems. Please see my updated publications list, here:  scholar   rg

Seed dispersal
Azores bullfinch
Galapagos finches
Island without name - Galápagos
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Science communication media

Online videos

Project Life Priolo - Azores:          Priolo Atlas EN PT

Project REDGAL - Galápagos:       Mutualistic networks in the Galapagos islands SP 

Project Gorongosa - Mozambique: Gorongosa interactions EN PT

Project Gorongosa - Mozambique:  The walking seeds EN

Project Gorongosa - Mozambique: Praça da Alegria PT


  • INVADER-B - INVAsive plant species management in Portugal: from early DEtection to Remote sensing and Biocontrol of Acacia longifolia (see details)
  • GORONGOSA - Exploring biodiversity and ecological networks in Gorongosa National Park - Mozambique (see details)
  • SEEDS - Closing the seed dispersal loop: How does seed dispersal affect plant population structure at the global, regional and local scales? (see details)
  • The colonization history in the Galapagos islands by plants (see details)
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