Nuno Mesquita
Phone: +351969936398
Category: PhD Student
Department: Department of Life Sciences
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Academic Achievements

2002 - B.Sc in Biology - University of Coimbra

Thesis - "Population Genetics with Dactylis glomerata"


2005 - M.Sc in Advanced Biomolecular Methods - University of Aveiro

Thesis: "The effects of two organophosphorous pesticides in Daphnia spp."

Research Interests

Molecular Biology

Micro-fungal Identification (molecular and morphological analysis)


  1. Mesquita, N.; Portugal, A.; Pinar, G.; Loureiro, J.; Coutinho, A. P.; Trovao, J.; Nunes, I.; Botelho, M. L.; Freitas, H. (2013) Flow cytometry as a tool to assess the effects of gamma radiation on the viability, growth and metabolic activity of fungal spores. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation. 84, 250-257. (see details) ISI paper
  1. Gonçalves S.C., Mesquita N., Bittleston L., Vargas N., Dickie I.A., Geml J., Pringle A. (2015) Potential distribution and identity of introduced Amanita muscaria worldwide. (see details)
  2. Dinis D., Mesquita N., Martins J., Canhoto J.M., Gonçalves M.T., Gonçalves S.C. (2015) Mycorrhizal fungal communities associated with Arbutus unedo and the potential for the formation of common mycelial networks with Pinus pinaster. (see details)