João Loureiro
Phone: 00351239855242
Category: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Life Sciences, FCTUC
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Academic achievements:

2002 - Graduation in Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal

2007 - PhD in Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal

PhD Thesis: "Flow cytometric approaches to study plant genomes"

2008 - Post-Doctoral studies at the Department of Botany of the Charles University in Prague and Institute of Botany, Pruhonice, Czech Republic

Project: "Best practice for nuclear DNA content estimation in vascular plants by flow cytometry - application to studies of genome size in plant groups with adaptive radiation"


Laboratory of Plant Ecology and Evolution:

The research developed in the Laboratory of Plant Ecology and Evolution is focused in the evolution of plant traits, mainly genome traits and reproductive strategies. In particular:

1) the evolutionary dynamics of diploid-polyploid complexes (mostly using plant complexes from the Iberian Peninsula, as Jasione spp., Blackstonia spp., Gladiolus spp., Silene ciliata, Centaurium spp., entre outros), in particular in understanding the ecological consequences of genomic duplications using neopolyploids as an experimental tool;

2) the ecological impacts of hybridization in plant diversity;

3) the function and evolution of plant reproductive systems:

  • ecological and evolutionary changes in plant reproductive systems during an invasion process, mostly focused on Oxalis pes-caprae and Centaurea solstitialis;
  • function and adaptive significance of floral variation, mostly focused in heterostylous plant species and Anacyclus spp.);

4) the reproductive biology of endemic, rare and/or endangered plant species (Polygala vayredae, Salvia sclareoides);

5) the evolution of genome size and chromosome numbers in plants using phylogenetic approaches (Asteraceae, Beta spp., Plantago coronopus);

6) in the advancement of the application of flow cytometry to plant systems.

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Participation in research projects:

Projects - Principal Investigator:

2011/14 - Project "Evolutionary changes to reproductive systems during the invasion process of the polyploid Oxalis pes-caprae" Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT, PTDC/BIA-BIC/110824/2009. Funding: 163.349 €

2011/2013 - Project of Research Foundation of the American Rhododendron Society "Ploidy of Progeny from the lnteraction of Diploid, Triploid, and Tekaploid Rhododendrons". Funding: 5.000 €

2010/12 - Project "Biologia reprodutiva e evolução de Oxalis pes-caprae, uma espécie poliplóide invasora na região Mediterrânea" Acções Integradas Luso-Espanholas, CRUP. Funding: 4.000 €

Projects - Team Member:

2015/16 - Team member of the Project R2014/036 from Axudas para a consolidación e estruturación de unidades de investigación competitivas do SUG para o exercício 2014 do Governo Autónomo da Galiza "Alien Species Network - ASN" (PI: Rodolfo Barreira Lozano, University of Coruña, Spain). Funding: 120.000 €.

2015/16 - Team member of the Project 160914 da European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR Activity Grant) "Genetic diversity of Patellifolia species, GeDiPA" (PI: Lothar Frese, Institute for Breeding Research on Agricultural Crops, Alemanha).

2014/17 - Team member of the Project in I+D "Excelencia" Subprograma de generación de conocimiento 2013 CGL2013-47558-P do Ministério de Economia e Competitividade de Espanha - "Procesos ecologicos y geneticos que producen especiacion: la interaccion entre hibridacion, poliploidia y adaptacion local en plantas generalistas" (PI: Francisco Perfectti, Departamento of Genetics of the University of Granada).

2013/14 - Team member of the Project Ciência Viva "Tempo de Plantar Ciência" (PI: Prof. Dr. Paulo Trincão, Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra).

2011/12 - Team member of the Project ISEC Programme of the European Comission "European Biosecurity Awareness Raising Network" (Eu-BAR-Net; HOME/2010/ISEC/AG/CBRN-001) (PI: Dr. Maurizio Martellini, Landau Network Centro Volta).

2011/12 - Team member of the Project QREN "Requalificação das Infra‐Estruturas de Apoio e Divulgação da Ciência no Jardim Botânico da Universidade De Coimbra".

2010/12 - Team member of the Project EDP para a Biodiversidade "Conservação de Apiáceas Endémicas De Portugal" (PI: Prof. Dr. Lígia Salgueiro, University of Coimbra).

2010/12 - Team member of the Project INCITE09 310 309 PR from Ministério da Ciência e Inovação de Espanha "Reproducción sexual y asexual como mecanismos de colonización en la especie invasora poliploide Oxalis pes-caprae" (PI: Prof. Dr. Luis Navarro, University of Vigo).

2010/13 - Team member of the Project GAČR - P506/10/0643 "Polyploid evolution in the Cape flora: insights from the key geophytic genus" (PI: Prof. Dr. Jan Suda, Universidade de Charles em Praga).

2009/12 - Team member of the project GACR - 206/09/0843 "Population processes governing the formation and establishment of polyploids: what maintains the cytotype coexistence in Gymnadenia conopsea?" (coordination by Prof. Dr. Jan Suda).

2008 - Team member of the project GACR - MSMT 0021620828 "Biodiversity of natural communities" (coordination by Prof. Dr. Zuzana Münzbergová).

Scientific achievements:

- Book chapters: 7 (4 in the last 5 years (2010-2014))
- Papers in SCI journals: 56 (30 in the last 5 years), 42 in Q1 journals

  • Impact Factor: 2.22 (average IF2); 2.43 (average IF5); 124.33 (sum IF2); 1.10 (average SJR Index)

- Papers in national journals: 5 (2 in the last 5 years)
- Publications in congress proceedings: 7 (1 in the last 5 years)
- Video publications: 1 (1 in the last 5 years)
- Oral communications - invited: 23 (9 in the last 5 years)
- Other oral communications: 30 (11 in the last 5 years)
- Poster communications: 80 (39 in the last 5 years)


Curriculum vitae - full (in Portuguese only)

  • Evolutionary changes to reproductive systems during the invasion process of the polyploid Oxalis pes-caprae (see details)
  • Biologia reprodutiva e evolução de Oxalis pes-caprae, uma espécie poliplóide invasora na região Mediterrânea (see details)
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