Daniela Tavares
e-mail: danielasusanatavares@gmail.com
Category: Student
Department: Department of Life Sciences, FCTUC
Direct URL for this page: http://cfe.uc.pt/danielatavares
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Academic achievements:

2012 - Graduation in Biology, University of Coimbra, Portugal

2014 - MSc in Ecology, University of Coimbra, Portugal

MSc Project: "Evolution of invasiveness: the case study of the invasive Oxalis pes-caprae in the Mediterranean basin." (Supervisors: Dr. João Loureiro and Dr. Sílvia Castro)

  1. Loureiro, J; Tavares, D; Ferreira, S; Seco, J; Valente, T; Trathan, P; Barbosa, A; Chipev, N; Xavier, JC (2014) Sex identification in Gentoo (Pygoscelis papua) and Chinstrap (Pygoscelis antarctica) penguins: Can flow cytometry be used as a reliable identification method?. Journal Of Experimental Marine Biology And Ecology. 461, 364-370. (see details) ISI paper