Inês Ferreira
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  • Assessing the biodiversity and strain dynamics of the valuable truffle species Tuber borchii at different geographical scales, for basic and applied research (see details)
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    1. Azul AM, Ferreira I, Borba R, Freitas H, Campos A, Nunes J (2013) Project: ValueMicoTruf: prospecting, productivity, and add value to native ectomycorrhizal fungi and truffles supported by criteria of quality and indicators of sustainable production. (see details)
    2. Borba R , Ferreira I, Coelho AS, Veríssimo P, Bagulho M, Freitas H, Morcillo M, Azul AM (2013) Developing Novel Tools and Processes for Sustainable Cultivation of Tuber borchii. (see details)