Alessandra Furtado Fernandes
Phone: 239048697
Category: PhD student
Department: Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Tecnology, University of Coimbra
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Academic Achievements

Ph.D. in Biosciences - specialization in Ecology (2013/2017), "Effect of Fire on the functional structure of the Cerrado: implications for biodiversity and invasiveness". Centre for Functional Ecology, Department of Life Sciences FCTUC, Universidade de Coimbra/ Portugal
Supervisors: Doctor Maria Helena de Oliveira Freitas and Doctor Bruno Ricardo Moreira Jesus.

Master in Tourism and Environment, specialization in Environmental Management (2008-2010), " Emergy Analysis of the production of conventional and agroecological caffeine in River Dove / MG systems ", Centro Universitario UNA/ Brasil.
Supervisor: Doctor Wanyr Ferreira Romero.

Specialization in Management and Environmental Management Systems in Forestry (2001-2002), "Study of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest ", Federal University of Lavras/ Brasil.

Degree in Biology (1994-1999), Federal University of Minas / Department of Education / School of Biological Sciences Mines/ Brasil.
"Molecular Heterogeneity of Actinobacillus acticomycetemcomitans isolated from human and non-human primates".
Supervisor: Elizabeth Spangler Andrade Moreira


Research Interests

Fire Ecology
Conservation of endemic and endangered species of the Cerrado and Rupestres Fields
Phylogeny of the Cerrado and Rupestres Fields

Participation in projects

2013/2017: Doctoral Scholarship Full - CAPES - Brazil Science Without Borders