Soil Microbiology Course in Coimbra: registrations are open | 15/19 February

The Center for Functional Ecology, the Department of Life Sciences and the Center for Mechanical Engineering are holding the course "Soil Microbiology: from science to practice". The course will happen in Coimbra, from the 15th to the 19th of February 2016.

Registration is free, but limited to 15 participants.

According to the programme, "focus will be given to the intimate relation between microbial diversity and soil ecological processes, the biology and ecology of mycorrhizal symbioses, the role of soil processes on non-native plant invasions, the use of microorganisms and microbial processes as indicators of soil quality, and the influence of agricultural practices on soil microbial communities."

The course is targeted towards post-graduate students working directly on soil microbiology, or simply interested in increasing their knowledge on these topics, and will include both theoretical and laboratory and desk practicals.

For more information and register for this course, please download the attached file.


Programme and Registration Form