Filipe Rocha
Department: Department of Life Sciences
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  1. Aguiar, M; Kooi, BW; Rocha, F; Ghaffari, P; Stollenwerk, N (2013) How much complexity is needed to describe the fluctuations observed in dengue hemorrhagic fever incidence data?. Ecological Complexity. 16, 31-40. (see details) ISI paper
  2. Rocha, F; Aguiar, M; Souza, M; Stollenwerk, N (2013) Time-scale separation and centre manifold analysis describing vector-borne disease dynamics. International Journal Of Computer Mathematics. 90, 10, 2105-2125. (see details) ISI paper
  3. Rocha, F; Aguiar, M; Souza, M; Stollenwerk, N (2012) Understanding the Effect of Vector Dynamics in Epidemic Models Using Center Manifold Analysis. Numerical Analysis And Applied Mathematics (icnaam 2012), Vols A And B. 1479, 1319-1322. 978-0-7354-1091-6. (see details) ISI paper