What if fungi went on strike?
Coordinator - M. Teresa Gonçalves
Programme - POCTI
Execution dates - 2001-09-01 - 2003-08-31 (24 Months)
Funding Entity - Ciência Viva (PV 0717)
Total Funding - 6 650 €
Proponent Institution -
Participating Institutions
Escola EB 2/3 Eugénio de Castro
Exploring the consequences of "fungi going on strike" will enable the students to answer the questions "what is the importance of fungi in ecosystems? and to our everyday lives?". The processes of i) fruit decay and ii) bread making will constitute the basic working units of this project. Simple experiments will be performed in order to establish the importance of fungi activity in those two processes. After that, a broader explanation of the themes will take place: i) the role of fungi as decomposers, parasites or mutualistic organisms; ii) the role of fungi in human consumption, as sources of antibiotics and other products, as well as human pathogenic agents.
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