Assessing the biodiversity and strain dynamics of the valuable truffle species Tuber borchii at different geographical scales, for basic and applied research
Coordinator - Anabela Marisa Azul
Programme - FCT - Bilateral Cooperation
Execution dates - 2013-01-01 - 2014-12-31 (24 Months)
Funding Entity - FCT [Portugal] CNR [Italy]
Proponent Institution - Centro Ecologia Funcional
Participating Institutions
CNR - Institute of Plant Genetics
Perugia, Italy

T. borchii is among the symbiotic Ascomycetes improving mineral nutrition and stress tolerance of host plants. This is also an economically important truffle whose cultivation is increasing worlwide. However T. borchii molecular diversity, biogeography and reproduction strategies are not thoroughly understood. We propose to assess the biodiversity of this truffle across its range of distribution and small-scale strain dynamics in both natural conditions and on the first field trials in Portugal.

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