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One Health


Isabel Henriques

Joana Costa

The One Health Research Group (ONE) focuses on the interdependence of human, animal, and environmental health, embracing the principles of the One Health concept. Our primary goal is to conduct research that explores the intricate connections between the environment and health. By adopting a collaborative and multisectoral perspective, partnering with experts and stakeholders from diverse fields of knowledge, we strive to contribute to the implementation of effective One Health approaches.

Our research areas encompass critical subjects such as antimicrobial resistance, environmental health, zoonoses and other environmental-related diseases, food safety and security, as well as the intersection of One Health and human rights, policies and socio-economy. By addressing these pressing topics, our aims are to develop practical solutions that reduce environmental health risks, to inform decision-making processes and policies, and ultimately make a positive impact on the well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.

Research Team


Alberto Sineque

Alexandros Tataridas

Ana Carolina Pedrosa


André Caeiro

António Verissimo Pires

Beatriz Cantarinho

Bruno Casimiro


Christophe Espírito Santo

Elsa Baltazar

Eva Fernandes Garcia

Fernanda Ferreira


Frederico Leitão

Inês Oliveira Costa

Isabel Teixeira da Silva

Isabel da Silva Henriques

Joana Cardoso da Costa

João Martins

Jorge Canhoto

Jorge Varanda


José de Jesus Gaspar

Maria Inês Brandão

Mariana Julião Correia

Mariana Simões Neves


Miguel Rito

Okta Pringga Pakpahan

Rafael Tavares

Ricardo Leitão

Rui S. Oliveira

Sandra Correia

Vinicius Casais