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Today, research centres within universities are critical points of contact with society and privileged bridges for dialogue with different audiences. In this sense, the CFE seeks to promote the communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge in an updated, rigorous, transparent, and inclusive way.

The CFE Science Communication Management Office cuts across the unit's entire work, supporting all research groups. In this interface with researchers and their work, all internal communication is operationalized, such as emails, news, opportunities, and deadlines, and also all external communication, which includes support in the dissemination of scientific projects and papers, production of press releases, coordination with press offices and contacts with journalists. For this daily dissemination, the CFE has a website with all relevant information and social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) that complement all regular and scheduled activity. The CFE and its researchers regularly appear in the national media, including opinion articles, reports, television episodes, documentaries, and podcasts.

The Office also supports the production of scientific outputs, like posters, flyers, videos, photographs, science rubrics and practical activities, which all team members can use. Over the last few years, several resources have been produced, such as comics, video abstracts, and podcasts, which are available in open access and can be used as educational assets. In this line of work, within the programmed activity, the CFE has a significant commitment to the students by encouraging and participating throughout the year in lectures, study visits, and practical activities and establishing protocols with elementary and secondary schools.

In addition to the work done with students, a whole volume of work covers other sectors of society, including volunteering actions, seminars, congresses, fairs, thematic days, workshops and courses, among many others. Finally, a series of partnerships have been created in cinema and photography, promoting new art and science forms and networks between researchers and artists.


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