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Stress Physiology Lab

The Stress.Lab studies plant physiological and biochemical mechanisms underlying abiotic and biotic stresses, as well as the search for integrated strategies to reduce the application of agrochemicals and alleviate negative effects of stresses on crops.

The Stress.Lab aims to:

  • understand the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that enable plants to cope with abiotic (e.g., drought and heat) and biotic (e.g., phytotoxins) stresses;
  • identify key metabolites that could be involved in plant tolerance to stresses, and
  • assess the potential of plant by-products to reduce the use of synthetic agrochemicals and mitigate the negative impact of abiotic stresses.

It has two main research lines: i) Ecophysiological responses of horticultural, weed and tree species to abiotic and biotic stresses; ii) Application of biostimulants and plant by-products for resilient agriculture – plant stress tolerance.

Áreas de estudo/atuação

  • Allelopathy
  • Phytotoxicity
  • Plant physiology
  • Biochemistry and metabolomic



Maria Celeste Dias


Paula Lorenzo